Punching Bag

Art No : MI-00112

Maya Hide leather translates into the most durable punching bag your fist will ever embrace. Our MMA punch bag 

is twin layered, hand-stitched and is truly indestructible in form. Available in two sizes, you also have the 

option of having it arrive to you ‘ready-filled’. Blast this heavy bag away using Muay Thai kicks or punish it 

with boxing techniques – this bag will last you a lifetime.

Made using stubbornly durable Maya Hide that will last you a career

Hand-stitched – for indestructibility

Comes with an option of ‘ready fill’ with only the safest, and most shock-absorbent pulp

Tether loop facility on the bottom of the bag can be hooked to an anchor for reduced swa

Comes in two lengths

Size: Pcs

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